Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Week 7

Topic 1I haven't personally read or even heard of any of the titles listed on the moodle page, however some of them seem interesting. The book that caught my attention the most was Two Boys Kissing written by David Levithan because the cover of the book was two men kissing. I took interest in discovering why this book was censored, unfortunately many parents complained about the book because of their religious beliefs against homosexuals. I understanding that censoring books in public schools has it's justifications for the sake of children as well as the concept of their parents. Parents have the right to choose what their children view, read, and learn based upon their personal views. I personally think that limiting your child's experiences and understanding of the world is wrong and overprotective. Limiting the information your children receive can lead to a series of misunderstandings, dangerous situations, and lack of knowledge in social or sexual situations. Most of the books on my bookshelf are ethnographies from anthropologists who have studied marginalized populations and their experiences in the medical field. The books I read mirror my passion for anthropology and knowledge in the field of study. I love reading enthnographies because they tell the true stories of people who go through life and experience institutional racism, discrimination, as well as pain. 

Topic 2
In the past several years I haven't had much interest in magazines, however I enjoy looking at the covers and rummaging through some articles from Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Time when I'm in line waiting at the grocery store or waiting at the doctors office. I love that each of these magazines feature an amazing photograph on the front cover of a celebrity, or an important figure in sports, humanitarianism, and politics. When skimming through magazines I usually look for the articles regarding recent politics because I am interested in different perspectives on the current political climate. I think it is incredibly important to know all sides to an argument and be fully informed about opposing views to gain better understanding. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Blog Project 2 Topic 4

Topic #4 -- Media Product Review

Spiderman: Homecoming is a major motion picture from Marvel Entertainment directed by Jon Watts. Spiderman first appeared in mainstream society as a comic book character from 1962, immediately following several other additions as well as a box office hit in 2002 the franchise continues to inspire generations of people who want to be a superhero. The Spiderman franchise is worth over 4 billion dollars spanning action figures, games, comics, movies, and much more. Spiderman is an internationally known superhero who continues to play a role in American entertainment.  

I chose to review and analyze the Spiderman: Homecoming movie through its trailers, reviews, and audience ratings because I used to read the comics when I was younger as well as watched the movies. I haven't seen the new movie yet, however after doing some research I am eager to rent or watch it in theaters. My best friend Chloe saw the movie in theaters with her boyfriend, they both loved the movie and said they couldn't stop laughing. 

The movie has been advertised through ads on social media, commercials on television, newspaper reviews, as well as trailers on youtube. According to Rotten Tomatoes 17,922 people rated the movie with a 92% positive rating. Rotten Tomatoes described the film as "Spider-Man: Homecoming does whatever a second reboot can, delivering a colorful, fun adventure that fits snugly in the sprawling MCU without getting bogged down in franchise-building". Roger Ebert gave the film a 3/4, and a 7.9/10 rating from IMDb. The 2 hour and 13 minute movie had a budget of 175 million dollars and made 110 million within the first week internationally according to DeadlineHollywood. The lead actors in the comedy action film are Tom Holland (Spiderman), Zendaya Coleman (Michelle), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), and Marisa Tomei (May Parker). Combining the heroic actions of Spiderman with the fighting powers of Iron man truly made for an amazing movie. Fandango weekend sales from July 7th through the 9th sold more tickets than any other movie. The movie is about a young Peter Parker, a 15-year-old high school sophomore from Queens, is in Washington, D.C., along with a team of his fellow student brainiacs, to attend the finals of the Academic Decathlon. They’re up in the Washington Monument when a volatile alien weapon explodes, causing a crack along the top of the building’s pointy pillar and trapping the students inside the elevator. who returns home to live with his Aunt May. Thrilled by his experiences with the Avengers, Peter soon discovers his superpower. With the watchful eye of Tony Stark, Parker soon develops an identity as the superhero Spiderman while remaining a seemingly 'normal' teenager. Once Peter discovers his strength can be used to save more than just the neighborhood he duels with the evil Vulture and emerges supreme holding everything he holds dear to him. 

        The plot of the story follows a similar story line with the comic book series as well as the previous movies, however this movie involves the partnership with Iron Man. The target audience is vast and varied, from young adults to families the movie is meant for all. The Spiderman franchise is filled with laughs for the entire family to enjoy, the comedy and action keeps the parents and children wanting more. Spiderman: Homecoming official twitter page has 614 thousand followers and countless retweets. Spiderman: Homecoming  is a continuation of a long history of comics, films, and memorabilia that touched the hearts of several generations of fans. The movie received rave reviews and made hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. The movie remains a huge success and ads to the brands novelty and credibility as being fun for all ages. 

Watch the official movie trailer here!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Week 6

Since Corvallis is such a local tight knit community news travels fast by word of mouth and Facebook posts. Living in such a small town where news worthy information travels fast I never find myself searching for local stories. If I lived in a metropolitan area word of mouth would have less density and validity. Local news isn't important to me unless something major has happened like a murder, or accident. I don't personally subscribe to any news sources or organization, I'd rather allocate my money and time to watching CNN or searching google if something captures my attention. On a scale of 1-5 I would give myself a rating of 2 on being locally informed on current events. In all honesty it doesn't bother me that I am uninformed about news surrounding  Linn and Benton counties. I don't participate in local elections, community organizations, and events because I am always so busy with school, work, and taking care of my sister. I don't need any added stress of negative news surrounding me, it's a method of self preservation. Local news is incredibly important for the community and its members to participate in. Being informed about local legislation, and events encourages the community to engage with one another and share ideas and strategies for success. I hope once I am find more free time in my schedule that I can participate in theses events. 

President Donald Trump tweeted, "Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want boarder security and extreme vetting". Trump uses the term fake news to tell his supporters that anything negative about him is false and they have no reason to worry because he's doing 'unbelievably amazing'. Donald Trump is the one tweeting fake news in order to benefit himself. Stating that negative poles are false is him spreading lies and fake news. Jake Turx, a Jewish reporter with Ami Magazine asked Trump about what the government would do about the rise in anti-antisemitism and constant bomb threats to Jewish senators in America. Trump responded by kicking the reporter out and calling him a liar. Trump used his power to silence the media and transferred blame to the victim rather than himself by calling himself the least antisemitic person. Trump disenfranchised the reporters first amendment rights by silencing him and kicking him out. I think that our current democracy has been weakened by the media because of personalized marketing. Since social media accounts can asses your political views consumers are more likely to read articles that favor their political ideology. Having such a blinded view doesn't encourage others to open their minds to opposing arguments and takes away our liberties. Donald Trump benefited from spreading lies and telling his audience to not listen to anything negative about him. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blog Project 1


Intermountain children's hospitals campaign to encourage youth to take safety precautions is extremely effective as well as challenging for its intended audience. The ad shows a boy who is well and safe wearing protective headgear juxtaposed to the same boy who is obviously injured and uncomfortable. The ad shows the viewer (young children) the importance of wearing a helmet and using the word 'swag' appeals to their cohort slang. The question "which has more swag?" is extremely challenging for an adolescent to truly uncover. The obvious answer would be the child wearing the helmet however, if they knew that it was cooler to wear a helmet then the question goes unanswered. Intermountain hospital is a organization in Utah that caters to every individual and seeks research and treatment as a core principle. The stream of ads can be seen all across Salt Lake City, I saw this one while walking past a bus stop and looking at a poster. The ad uses slang to appeal to their audience and precaution children to make responsible decisions when it comes to their safety as well as promoting the idea that safety is cool. The ad demonstrates its personal identity and relationship to its patients. The organizations prior credibility as being one of the most effective hospitals in the state as far as treatment and care goes creates as a president for parents to bring their children to. I haven't seen an ad like this before, I think its incredibly effective because it shows the organization prefers the safety of their patients through preventative care as appose to making profit off of accidents. Since the ad shows an able-bodied young boy juxtaposed to the same young man who is injured the advertisement appeals to their parents. The ad is memorable, I went to Salt Lake City in April and remembered this advertisement. The organizations website and blog offers tips on preventative care for children (2), as well as information for concerned parents to look up. The website introduces their staff in a friendly manner as well as displays pictures of their patients in healthy and able conditions. The organizations ability to convey comfort and ease is outstanding. The university of Utah's IRB (3)board boasts encouraging reviews the hospital, they commented over the ethics, care, and experiences of patients highly. I have never used the services provided by Intermountain however I would recommend the facility to parents with young children.

(1) http://www.crystalbrunerharris.com/
(2) https://intermountainhealthcare.org/locations/primary-childrens-hospital/
(3) https://irb.utah.edu/participant-resources/index.php

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Week 5

Topic 1

I was incredibly surprised to figure out that the first amendment doesn't protect true threats or serious expressions of the intent to commit acts of unlawful violence from government censorship. I was also surprised to find out that hate speech is protected from government censorship unless its incite lawless actions. Since everything online is instantly accessible and traceable for the government to intervene it seems appropriate that hate speech or treats wouldn't be protected from the accused especially if the treats are serious. Freedom of speech is all about going beyond the boundaries through challenging ideas, policies, and scrutinizing organizations.   Copyright constrains users from creating new work by making it illegal to use someones protected work for up to 95 years. Big companies are lobbying for their word to remain protected in order to keep revenue for their company coming it, this stifles people from creating their own works. In recent news Kathy Griffen used her fame to promote a picture of Donald Trump being decapitated and covered in blood (I AM NOT DEFENDING DONALD TRUMP....TRUST ME!!!). The picture offended many of her fans and damaged her image severely in the public eye. I personally found the image disturbing and ineffective in reasoning and message. Since the image was later taken down I urge Kathy to keep exercising her valid opinions and continue sharing her political believes. Even though the picture was gruesome I do have to give her props for having the courage to take a deep political stand. 

Topic 2

I personally think that Wikileaks did an amazing thing by outlining the issues and projecting the secrecy of the government into the public domain. Classified information held by the government deserves the attention of the tax payers and the participation and knowledge of the citizens. I think its incredibly important for consumers to know that their iPhones, androids, and smart televisions can be hacked and listened to by the CIA.  The CIA can hack into smart cars and cause crashes for unnoticeable assassinations. There are so many ways the government can track an individuals every move and sell that information to companies for advertising profits. I understand that privacy and security can't be obtained without a both being used. Unfortunately, there can't be total privacy or complete security. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

week 3

Topic 2
The recent holiday season Starbucks came out with a very ineffective ad for holiday drinks. The cups with whip cream resemble a Christmas tree. The ad isn't very persuasive simply because the audience has no clue what the drinks are, whats in them, or how much they cost. All the ad says is that the drinks are here....but what drinks are? The background and cup colors are essentially the same and doesn't make it look appealing. I don'y know who the target audience is because their is such little explanation in the text. The ad doesn't make me want to go to starbucks to figure out what the drinks are or want to try them.

Coca Cola recently had a photo showing two young women sun bathing and drinking coke on top of a apartment building in the middle of the city. The add says 'taste the feeling' while creating the feeling of total comfort on a hot sunny day. The target audience seems to be young adults who wish to relax, the ad evokes the message that an ice cold coke is relaxing on a hot day. The women are young and attractive in swimsuits attracting a sexual appeal as well as an emotional appeal to comfort and summer memories. I think the ad works well and makes the drink look comforting and fun! 

Week 3

I worked for the retail corporation Rue21 for almost three years, as as part of my job I was responsible for the stores Instagram page. Each shift I picked out an outfit for an associate to wear and took a picture of them for the page. Making sure the model was wearing new, trendy apparel was crucial as well as accessorizing to add to sales. The official Rue21 Instagram page does essentially the same with their models by promoting product and coming up with witty caption announcing a "deal" or sale that was going on. The target audience of these campaigns are young adults and teenagers who aspire to look 21! The store always promotes to younger adults. The Instagram page allows for their customers to view their product without going to the store or visiting the website. While their followers scroll through their feed they can see trendy and cheap clothes on a certain sale. The company and all their store adds a new pic everyday to ensure their customers are up to date. I think that the marketing strategy of the company is incredibly successful especially since customers would often show me their phone and say "where is this outfit", or "I saw that your Instagram has a sale what are the details"?